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January 18th, 2017 Comments

Kelly Guerrero Ochsner Great job!



Jim Grace Awesome use of color and abstract originality in both.


Tim Cowell Love the color intensity!!!


John Wiesner Awesome!


Dennis Hatmaker I like them both--great use of the colors


Melisa Moen I love them both.


John Davidson Is the 1st one called Red Cochroaches???... they both look great Konrad.


Deb Harvey Love them both! Beautiful color!


Jim Corbett You've found your calling!


Melisa Moen What do you do with them? Do you sell these?


Robert Kauffman Both are beautiful!


Lynn Manhart Wow. Great colors. I like them. You are very talented buddy.


Dennis H. Coalwell I had no idea you were so talented, Konrad. I like them!


Orlando Diaz Beautiful!!!


Dan O'Brien Bold and Beautiful like the Artist!


Rick Viscariello What is the medium you are using? Intense.


Yolanda Hickey Very Nice!! Get Down With Your Bad Self!!😜


Gloria Murillo great job handsome


David Gray Beautiful paintings, you have quite a talent.

December 7th, 2016 Comments

Shaymus Cardosa  You could pretty much draw a line across a sheet of paper

and I would think it was a priceless piece of art!! 😘


Shaymus Cardosa Plus I love it!


Gloria Murillo Beautiful


John Wiesner Love it!


Jim Grace Awesome. A tsunami of surfboards. With fruity undertones.


Kelly Guerrero Ochsner That looks like a million dollars!

Everett Stone I see a Strong Quiet Beauty that is personified in the Artist that painted it. Beautiful!


Deb Harvey I think it's gorgeous, and you are very talented!!!


Jon Trunk Beautiful. "Psychedelic Afterglow"


Jon Trunk Opening bid: $300,000


David Gray I would hang in the house, actually it's quite beautiful.


Orlando Diaz It's Beautiful!!!

Lynn Manhart Beautiful Konrad. You have a wonderful talent.


Jim Corbett I like it (I think I saw it in September?).


Dennis Hatmaker Great job!


Alicia Garnica-Quillicy Alien pods love the blue and red👍how much? 😜


Yolanda Hickey Priceless!😛


Jeff Claspell wow. Good size. Look great on a big wall.

Shawn Vanbuskirk Picasso.? 😉


Rob Lloyd I'm curious what materials you used? Canvas or? What paints did you use? It has texture and and multiple layers that speak depth and many emotions. There is something here and it would be interesting to see what you have to say about where your mind was when painting. I'm trying to imagine what the oblongs are. It's an interesting piece.

Bob Valdez Clearly the artist has talent and deeply wants to shout out to the world...I'm here! 🤗


Brett Loutensock That's amazing, I love it!


Steven Zdroik Stormy, hopeful, complex, intriguing, betrays a strong underlying Jackson Pollack influence......


Rick Viscariello I'm into it


Steve Baugher Love to see it in person. I can tell much is lost in a photo. Sweet!

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