Konrad Carter



Konrad’s all-encompassing career with the City of Los Angeles offered little in the way of creative expression. However, the urge to express himself was always just beneath the surface. The move from Los Angeles to Palm Springs in 2014 sparked his creative passion. The warmth, colors and the vibrancy of the desert was transformational (transformed his life). Though he lacked formal training Konrad listened to his calling. “ I grabbed some paints and brushes and started to create, akin to embarking on an adventure butt naked.”  


Konrad’s Urban Series, painted with multiple layers that form into a topography of shapes, colors, textures and transparencies, reflects his years spent in Los Angeles. He transforms onto canvas the sights, sounds, and chaos of the urban terrain.  Bright and bold colors are invited into Konrad’s paintings like old friends and not one is less than another. Konrad’s Poolside Series is more reflective of his impressions of Palm Springs life. Organic shapes and textures appear that reflect a more relaxed and playful expression. “My work is not true to life visually, but it is exceedingly expressive of life.”


Represented by Julianna Poldi Gallery

2652 Cherokee Way, Palm Springs CA

505 603 2658 for appointment