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w/best buddy Lucas



An all-encompassing career in government offered Konrad little in the way of artistic creative expression. However, the urge to express himself was always just beneath the surface. His move from Los Angeles to Palm Springs sparked his creative passion. The warmth, colors, and the vibrancy of the desert transformed his life. Though he lacked formal training, Konrad listened to his calling...and he started to paint.


Konrad's Poolside Series is reflective of his impressions of Palm Springs life. Organic shapes and textures create relaxed and playful expressions. Graceful and vibrant paintings become affirmations of forms and colors corresponding to contemporary Coachella Valley living.

Konrad’s Urban Series, inspired by his 30 years living in the Los Angeles Basin, reflects the essence and energy of these diverse and unique urban environments. His paintings capture the multicolored texture of city life, conveying the sights, sounds, and chaos of the urban experience, designed to strike your imagination. 

An award winning Palm Springs artist and resident, Konrad strives to create powerful expressions when capturing and representing a simple moment in life. “My work is not true to life visually, but it is exceedingly expressive of life.”


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